After taking a break for a while, Fitness Friday is starting up again. Brenda has asked us to introduce ourselves for the benefit of new folks, and to briefly state why we are joining/rejoining.

I am Great-Granny Grandma (a.k.a. Sandy), and as you can probably tell by my name, the most senior member of the group.

As for why I'm rejoining, to say my pants won't zip up would be an understatement. Even though by some unexplainable miracle of mercy and grace I have not gained any pounds since my last post, there is such a large V, it would be impossible to even try to bridge that gap. All I can fit into at this point are my sweats, and a new pair of black pants I broke down and bought to wear to church on Easter Sunday. I know, I know, I know, I can't keep doing what I'm doing and still expect to lose inches or weight.

I'm still allowing myself to be mastered by my flesh instead of the other way around. I know what I need to be doing/not doing but I'm not being consistent. Dear Lord, please help me to have the willingness, commitment, and discipline to fight this battle head on instead of always finding excuses--especially when it comes to exercise. My spirit is so willing, but my flesh is weak. Please help me remember that my body is the temple of your Holy Spirit, and for me to not care for it as I ought is like the sin of rebelliousness.

And now to answer Brenda's last question--"Rank the following in importance to you"--these are my priorities:

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise. There is a bike trail/walking path right outside my door. It is spring, the weather is perfect, and the colors on the shrubs and trees are magnificent. And if the weather is bad, I have a variety of in-home exercise videos I can choose from. So I am totally without excuse.

  • Amend my diet by including less cookies and frozen yogurt, and more water. And no more seconds or thirds.

  • Look better, feel better, and be able to fit into my clothes. All of them!


Luanne said...

So nice to meet you Sandy! I think you joined in after I started to wander away! I love your prayer in there. Beautiful and fitting. I have all the same problems you do. I also had to buy a new outfit to wear for Easter :( Well, we are here now, and I am holding you accountable...as I hope you do me! Drink lots of water this week. My daily goal for water is drink 1/2 of my weight in ounces each day. This week try to get outside and get active at least 2 times. You can do it!! I look forward to hearing all about your week next Friday. Have a wonderful week this week too :)

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

You can do this, Sandy.

Unlike you, I have gained a few pounds ove the last couple of months, but mercifully, not nearly as much as I thought I should have gained.

Glad to be back on the journey with you.

Brenda said...

The V. Oh that cracked me up! Yes, without excuse. I am there too.

Laura Lou said...

Glad to be back at it!! And cannot wait to drink in more of your wisdom and humor. :D

TAMI said...

Exercise is a BIG thing for me too. I eat fairly well, but I don't move all that much and rarely intentionally.

You will get those pants zipped back up, I'm SURE!!

At a teacher conference for my 8th grader today, Mr. A said "She's not putting forth much effort and has a lot of excuses." Oh Lord, we probably haven't grown up very much!

Giovanna said...

Hi Great Granny Grandma,

I know what you mean about the drinking more water. I struggle with that as well, before I realize it, half the day is gone and I've not even drank one cup of water. It definitely helps to cut down on binge/crave eating. Hope you do well with your challenges and see you at Fitness Fridays.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh Sandy, thank you so much for your sweet honesty. I truly needed these words today. You have no idea how much you have inspired me. I know I can lose the weight/inches, but keep making excuses for not exercising. Your words encouraged me and now I to must leave the way of the flesh and take the way of the Lord! Blessings to you!

karly said...

Oh, the flesh is so weak, isn't it? and therefore, it does become a sin of rebellion, doesn't it? Thank you so much for speaking truth to me!

So good to "meet" you Great-Granny Grandma! Looking forward to catching up with you each week on this journey!

Chris said...

Keep on keeping on!

Megan said...

As always, I admire the blunt honesty in your post! And I'm suddenly very thirst...off to get a drink of water! "See" you next week.

Sandy said...

i'm also very guilty of allowing my flesh to master me... i keep thinking that i'll get a better grip on it, and then i realize that only with God's grace are we able to have any control at all... discourating, frustrating, humbling, all at once.

good to "read" you again. :)
i've been missing you.