Got to my 7:00 AM Bible study on time for a change - SWEET

Prepared and delivered a gourmet meal to an ailing senior - Double SWEET

Needed $2 to pay for an interlibrary book I had ordered, and didn't have any cash. Drove to the ATM and rolled down my window to make the transaction. Started to roll the window back up and something snapped. Couldn't roll it up or down - SOUR

Heavy rain in the forecast, window wide open. Drove to the dealership for a fix. Needed a new window regulator to the tune of $325 - Mouth Puckering SOUR

Went to pick up an expensive prescription and discovered I had a mysterious $98 credit - SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!


Anonymous said...

You must be exhausted...All that up and down. But God is great and knew you needed a good "up" to end the day.
Many blessings, my friend.
Love , Barb

Merc said...

I LOVE $96 credits! :) I also love days where the sweets outweigh the sours. And remembering that the sweets are only sweeter because the sours exist. Though sometimes that one is hard. I also love finding lots of old cards from you that say you love me! (went through old stuff yesterday) Love you too Grandma Too.

Anonymous said...

Merc is pretty smart, isn't she?
Sorry about your window.