A few posts ago I wrote about how convicted I was feeling after reading Quaker Summer by Lisa Samson, followed by two very thought provoking blog posts by Annie and Kat. Well now I've just finished reading another book that's left me with much to ponder.

The book is entitled Justice in the Burbs: Being the Hands of Jesus Wherever You Live, by Will and Lisa Samson. It talks about living justly in an unjust world, having the eyes of Jesus and the heart of God, caring for the needy and those left out, loving our neighbors in a hands-on, life changing way. In the author (Will's) words, "It's hard to convince the world that Jesus cares when we don't."

Much as I hate to admit it, I've never really loved in a hands-on way, I don't think. The scales tip towards me-centeredness rather than Christ centeredness when it comes to acting justly. Truth be told, I tend to hide behind the business of my life, and when there is time to spare, am more concerned about my comfort than giving the gift of my presence to the needy.

Though I'm free with my resources, that's certainly not true of my time, and until recently I believed this was enough. Now I have an awful lot spinning around my brain and my heart.

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girl with a flower tattoo said...

i like that quote by the author. much of the world has become rather apathetic and i hope very much not to get sucked into that mentality.

i create all these grand plans and ideas to be like Christ rather than just allowing Him to be through me. time seems non existent anymore; with each day i wake wondering what exactly i did the day before. rather than worrying about time and saying or doing the right thing, i'm trying to allow God to work through me and trust in His word. easier said than done, of course.